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Like & Unlike in Shanghai

Jiushi International Art Center on the Bund in Shanghai has a spacious and elegant exhibition of works by Qi Baishi, China’s most famous modern artist.

As well as being well known for his paintings, he was also a prolific carver of seals: one of his epithets was “Rich Man of Three Hundred Seals”.  He published several books of seals, well before his paintings were published.  This exhibition has enlargements of many of his seals on the walls.

After the show you could always nip next door to the Waldorf Astoria for tea and cakes!

Blue Spring

Wisteria close-up

As well as the hazy carpet of bluebells in the woods, a cascade of wisteria is suddenly flowing over walls.  The scent is delicious.

This is a great time to sketch the flowers and check how they hang from the branches.

There’s lots of wisteria in London and all around the country.  This lovely gate is in the charming island of Jersey.

This book has some lovely examples of wisteria and how to paint it.
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