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Peach Blossom Spring

Tani Buncho, Earthly Paradise of Wuling, a handscroll painting. British Museum

The tale of the Peach Blossom Spring is often painted.  There is a handscroll in the Bristh Museum, and here is a walk through a handscroll from the Wou Lien-Pai Museum of Chinese Art, courtesy of Roderick Whitfield: Peach Blossom Spring.ppt

Some of you might remember Xu Bing’s installation at the V&A in 2013: Travelling to the Wonderland was inspired by the Peach Blossom Spring.

Wou Lien-Pai Museum 2011
ed R Whitfield, OMpublishingHK
Xu Bing village (c) A Reich

Happy Rat!

Mouse and Tomato plant by GH

January 25th starts Chinese New Year for the Year of the Metal Rat.  The Spring Festival lasts until 4 February, though celebrations usually continue until the Lantern Festival on 8th February.

The Rat is the first animal of the Chinese Zodiac, having won the Jade Emperor’s race.  There are different versions of this story, including what happened to the cat!

Apparently, the Rat represents diligence, kindness, and generosity, and the Metal Rat Year is going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for most Chinese zodiac signs.