Regional CBP Groups

There are a number of regional CBP groups around the UK. These vary in their activities: some groups have regular or guest tutors, others meet to paint together.

At present there are groups based in:

  • South-west:  Callington (Devon/Cornwall border); East Devon, Box (Wiltshire); Hants/Dorset/Wilts
  • South-east:  Reading/Berkshire;  Hants/Dorset/Wilts;    Herts/Bucks/Middx (Region 6);   Lavant (West Sussex);  Oxfordshire
  • London
  • East: Cambridge;  Lea Valley U3A; Herts/Bucks/Middx; Blakeney (Norfolk).
  • West Midlands: Herefordshire; Warwickshire.
  • East Midlands: East Midlands (Newark); Midlands/Nottinghamshire; Derbyshire South-East; Leicestershire/Northants;  Sywell/Northamptonshire.
  • Yorkshire:  Yorkshire;  Ribble Valley.
  • North-east: Durham.

If you wish to be put in touch with any other local group, please contact CBPS.