Starting Chinese Brush Painting

Chinese-Brush-Painters-Society-Getting-StartedHere is an introduction to the ‘Four Treasures’ – Paper, Brushes, Ink and Ink Stones – plus other useful items such as colours, “Scholar objects”, and books.

Ink and Ink Stones
Other Equipment
Chinese Seals
Books for beginners

Chinese Painting materials are not expensive. However, it is best to buy good quality. Western art shops often have only very basic materials and brushes, so we usually suggest that you try the Suppliers listed here.

Books are a good source of ideas and techniques, but no substitute for live tuition.  Tell us where you are based and we will let you know the nearest classes and teachers, or have a look here for a list of colleges with CBP courses, and links to CBPS member teachers’ websites.  And scroll down this page for a list of regional CBP groups.

To get you started, have a look at these tutorials.

If you need more information, then contact us.