Welcoming Spring

Cherry blossom by Kerima
Haiku by Chris G
Spring by Chris G

The daffodils are an adaptation of “east meets west” – stylised lotus leaves with daffodil blooms, painted on a special cotton material.  In this time of lock-down and some degree of anxiety, I liked the intention of the haiku – hope beyond the tougher times.

Spring by Chris G
Spring by Chris G
Hellebore by Rayne
Camellias by Maggie
As I am still able to get around quite well I decided to shop at my local Sainsbury’s during ‘oldies’ hour.
There were no queues, no shortage of things I needed, cheerful assistants and when I paid at the checkout shoppers were offered a free bouquet of spring flowers. So there are some nice things happening despite all the restrictions!
As a souvenir of this I painted the tulips
Gift tulips by Sybil
Plum blossom (unfinished) by Stella
Spring bird by Leo
Wisteria by Seiko
Flowers by Lucy