Chinese Painters in Books

Sea of Ink by Richard Weihe.   Member Zara T says “A delightful read of Zhu Da’s life (fact with smattering of fiction) with paintings and authors interpretation of how the paintings came to be.”  Zhu Da is of course Bada Shanren.  

Sea of Ink

The Ten Thousand Things – a novel about Yuan dynasty painter Wang Meng

Brushstrokes in Time – a novel about The Stars Movement, which includes CBPS’s honorary president Qu Leilei


The Upright Brush – life and work of great Tang dynasty calligrapher Yan Zhenqing

Repentant Monk – about the wonderful Ming figure painter Chen Hongshou

Shitao – monograph about this very famous Qing dynasty painter

Fu Shan’s WorldFu Shan was one of the famous Qing dynasty calligraphers.  If you saw the Three Emperors exhibition at the RA, you will have seen his calligraphy alongside Bada Shanren’s

Modern Ink – the art of Qi Baishi

A Chinese Artist in Britain – an illustrated retrospective of Qu Leilei’s work.