Regional CBP Groups

There are a number of regional CBP groups around the UK. These vary in their activities: some groups have regular or guest tutors, others meet to paint together.  CBPS members are welcome at regional groups (subject to local charges and availability).

At present there are groups based in:

  • South-West England:
    • Devon/Cornwall: Callington.  Contact Anne Holland email
    • Hants/Dorset/Wilts: Winchester
  • South-East England:
    • Hants/Dorset/Wilts: Winchester
    • Berkshire: Reading
    • Herts/Bucks/Middx CBP Group (Region 6): Harefield
    • West Sussex: Lavant, Mondays
    • Surrey and Sussex Borders: Three Bridges, Crawley, second Saturday of every month
    • Oxfordshire CBP Group: Stanton Harcourt.   Face-to-face and online classes.  Guests welcome! Contact Tricia Wormald email
  • London:
  • East England:
  • Wales:
    • Cardiff group – monthly classes run by Martin Smith email
  • East Midlands:
  • Northern England:
    • Lancashire: Ribble Valley, Preston
    • Manchester “Inkstones” –  Fallowfield, M14 6 EQ ,  the third Saturday in the month.  Tutored by Nick Hornigold, KC Chan or Anne Allan in turn.  Parking available.  Contact Carole Frost email
    • Northern: Durham. Contact Gwendolynn Heley email

If you wish to contact any of these local groups, use the information listed or contact CBPS.