Members’ Recommendations

This pages shares suggestions and recommendations from our members.  The views expressed here are personal, and do not represent endorsement by CBPS.


Follow my Brushmarks is a very informative blog by the wonderfully-named Reluctant Rat.  AA 2018
Joyful Brush is blog by Virginia Lloyd-Davies.  She has a useful tutorial on how to improve an old paintingAA 2018
Shanshui Projects: Online magazine & blog with interesting articles on Chinese painting.  AR 2021

Online videos

General: Henry Li (Blue Heron) is generally reliable; Virginia Lloyd-Davies has beautiful brushwork; Nan Rae is clear, detailed and left-handed!  AR 2018

Famous Chinese painters and other videos

Painting bamboo: Nan Rae gives a clear, detailed introduction parts 1 & 2, very good on leaves, though I don’t love that method for stems in part 2.  Henry Li (Blue Heron) shows examples 1 & 2 & 3.  This one has a nice illustration of the triangular grouping of leaves.  AR 2018

A video touring the Chinese collections of the Metropolitan Museum in New York – a great overview of different media, periods, styles and imagery, and a glimpse of the richness of the Met’s collection.  CS2019


Sorrow Mountain: The Remarkable Story of a Tibetan Warrior Nun by Ani Pachen and Adelaide Donelley CK 2020

 The Five Foot Road by Angus McDonald, an Australian who decided to follow in the footsteps of another traveller GE Morrison who travelled there 100 years previously.   CK 2021

Image result for Symbols Art and Language from the Land of the Dragon
‘Symbols Art and Language from the Land of the Dragon’ by Ni Yibin, pub. Duncan Baird.  It covers 100 characters (in standard script) with meanings and wonderful illustrations and photos, as well as having the most tactile cover!  It’s not an academic treatise, but a lovely book.  JT 2019

Fun little game  called Ink, Mountains and Mystery.  A beautiful journey in art.  Apple devices only.   AH2019