A Bit Crafty!

Book on Chinese knots, history and list of knots including ”safe and sound knot” to wish peace and good luck all year, plus diagrams of how to weave some knots.Liziqi hand-making the Four Treasures.

Met curator on Chinese hardstone carving.

Export silks (thanks Zara & Pauline).

A very early Buddha from Gandara.

Make a  Cabinet of Curiosities.

In case you were wondering Why Japanese Tigers have Flat Heads: a splendid screen painting is based on a Chinese story.

Making Beauty – contemporary Japanese crafts:  ceramic, wooden lacquer, miniature objects, printsmetal.

Restoring a Japanese hanging scroll.

Japanese Gunpowder flask with figures in Portugese dress

Japanese gunpowder flask at the Ashmolean.

The wonderful Pitt-Rivers museum shows how to make Japanese salmon-skin boots!

Met exhibition Japan: A History of Style.