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Qu Leilei and his drawings in British Museum.

Qu Leilei is one of CBP’s  Honorary Presidents.
We were delighted that he and his wife, artist Caroline Deane, ran our AGM 2022 workshop.
Here is an interview with them both, and another with Leilei (Chinese with subtitles).

The British Museum has an extensive Chinese collection, and has recently added to its main Chinese Civilisation display with modern and contemporary works including drawings done by Leilei during the Cultural revolution:  Wind was  pasted on Democracy Wall, and appeared in the Stars outdoor exhibition; Worry was a response to the Tangshan earthquake.   Leilei was a founder member of the Stars Art Group and the BM collection includes this photo of them at their outdoor display.

Worry (c) Qu Leilei 1976

Leilei has two more works in the British Museum collection: Journey and Lei Feng.

Leilei’s latest project uses large-scale calligraphy to express his concern about misinformation and its threat to debate and questioning.