Colour, Culture and Accounts – CBPS AGM 2020!

CBPS AGM and afternoon presentation will be held by Zoom on Saturday 7th November.    Attendance at the AGM is free to members.

On the Sunday morning, there is a Zoom demonstration of CBP live from China!

Saturday 7 November 11am – 12.30pm AGM:
– Welcome by Chair
– Apologies for absence
– Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting and acceptance
– Chair’s Report
– Treasurer’s Report  & Acceptance of accounts
– Newsletter Report and Links to Members
– Acceptance of Officers and Committee – the present committee have all been nominated; no other nominations have been received
– Close of formal meeting
– a few words from our honorary Presidents
– Open Forum, to give Members the opportunity to express their views and ask questions

Saturday 7 November 2pm – 3.30pm:  an illustrated talk on the Art and Traditional Dress of China’s Ethnic Minorities by Madison Plantier.

Delve into a world of vibrant colours and lively performances as we take a close look at the art and traditional dress of some of the ethnic minorities that currently call the China home, to get a deeper and more rounded perspective of certain ethnic groups. We’ll also have the opportunity to watch videos of some traditional folk performances! From the Regong Arts of the Tibetan people right through to the elaborate silver jewellery of the Miao people, join us on this adventure into a lesser-known aspect of Chinese culture.

Sunday 8 November 11am – 12.30pm:
Oxfordshire Chinese Brush Painting Group (OCBPG) is pleased to invite members of CBPS to a Landscape Workshop taught live by Mr Yang Tongling from The China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou.
The China Academy of Fine Arts was founded in Hangzhou in 1928 by the educator Cai Yuanpei and Lin Fengmian.  Lin Fengmian, its first principal, was one of the pioneers of Chinese Modern Art.

Mr Yang is a senior tutor at the Academy, specialising in the teaching of traditional Chinese Landscape Painting.   He not only teaches students via the traditional method of copying the great masters, but also takes his students on expeditions into the Chinese countryside to paint “en plein air”.   He is currently delivering a course in Landscape painting to members of OCBPG as part of a 48 week programme by tutors from The China Academy and visiting artists in their studios across China.   They are all providing their services free in return for OCBPG raising money for NHS Charities Together (during this unprecedented time of Covid 19).  So far, we have raised over £1,000.

Mr Yang is providing this additional Workshop especially for members of CBPS. To recognise the contribution of Mr Yang, we would like to invite you to donate £10 for the Workshop which OCBPG will add to the donation they are making to NHS Charities Together in December 2020.