We had a great CBPS AGM Weekend by Zoom !

Saturday 4 November 11.00am – 12.30pm: AGM
Included reports by Treasurer and other officers & votes to re-elect existing Committee and one new member.   There were no proposed resolutions.
Jane Evans  one of our Honorary Presidents, said a few words, and  there was opportunity for member’s views and questions during the Open Forum.
A summary will appear in the next Newsletter.

Saturday 4 November 2.00pm – 3.30pm: illustrated talk
Peter Huang gave an illustrated talk on the origins of Buddhism and Buddhist art in China.   Here are some of the many interesting places and sculpture forms that Peter mentioned :  Mathura styleGandara style,  Mogao CavesTiantishan Caves,Bingling Temple,  Maijishan Grottoes,   Shuiliandong.
An  alternative view of Stein and the context of his expeditions.
This talk was recorded and will made available to members for a limited period .
Buddha Maitreya, Northern Wei (Metropolitan Museum, New York)
Chang-e by Desmond Chung (c)
Sunday 5th November 10.30am – 12.30
A paint-along demonstration by Desmond Chung.
Desmond showed us how to paint the lovely moon lady Chang-e and her rabbit companion.   Other mythologies feature a moon rabbit.
In Desmond’s painting she is gliding through clouds holding a fan behind her and cradling her rabbit in her left arm – he is peeking back over her shoulder.
This demonstration was recorded and will be made available to members for a limited period.

Here are some of the wonderful paintings produced by members in the paint-along!

Chris G
Chris N
Zara T
Susan F
Pat J
Paul G
Sybil H
Jane H
Jill B
Looi L
Lucy W
Mayura T
Lynne S
Diana D

Member Jess M shared this link to Yoshitoshi’s print of Chang-e.