Creativity and Culture

The 2018 CBPS AGM was a great success! Knuston Hall gave us a warm welcome and plenty of good food.  The AGM business was conducted with good humour, and Louisa Yuen brought lots of interesting papers, brushes and books.

The three workshops from CBPS member teachers were excellent!

Kaili Fu captured the spirit of the lotus in literati style on xuan, with a hovering dragonfly.

Maggie Cross was inspired by an African safari with Jane Dwight to paint dramatic leopards and lions on mulberry paper.
Her innovative use of a large hake brush to model the body or form the lion’s mane really inspired us to be bold!

Dr Xuzhuang Li shared three new phrases with his unique step-by-step guide to running script.  He explained the different calligraphy scripts  – the photo shows the seal script for “dragon” – and the characteristic strokes for running script.

After the AGM, Anne Haworth’s  fascinating talk on The Phoenix at the Fall of the Empire, illustrated with copious slides,  combined detailed knowledge and human interest to compare the lives of three Empresses of the Qing dynasty, including the formidable Cixi, and the melancholy Wan Rong, balanced between archaic and modern worlds.

Barbara, Marion and Pauline also provided relaxing craft sessions in the evening, which were much enjoyed.