Doing it differently

Section of Qingming scroll

The  famous Qing Dynasty handscroll “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” is more than 11 metres long, with over 4000 tiny figures and animals.  You might think that could not be equalled, but a team of Chinese stonecutters is determined to recreate it in decorative rock!  You can see their version of the section above in this video.

The Classic of Mountains & Seas is an a collection of myths and stories assembled in the Han Dynasty, featuring figures such as  Yu the Great and the Queen Mother of the West.  Here is a 5-minute version, plus an animation of some of the strange creatures.  And there is a modern satirical version!

CBPS Member Anne A pointed to these Fine Chinese Modern and Contemporary Ink Paintings.

CBPS member Peng has found several interesting contemporary artists:

  • “Tattoo artist Yuki Zerkjad based in London. I love her reinterpretation of Zhao Shao’ang’s work.”
  • “I met Nikole Lowe a couple years ago in London. She is very versatile in painting styles blending traditions from various art schools with her own distinctive touch on colour. She is among my favorite Lingnan school artists alongside Desmond Chung.”   She is also a tattoo artist [warning: nudity]  and creates spectacular wallpaper.
  • “A very talented artist Fan Zhibin (范治斌). He repeatedly features on top of the recommended CBP videos on TikTok. It feels very difficult to hold the brush that low while maintaining sense of flow and freedom like he does.  His use of flat brush technique reminds me of some landscape artists in the 90s”.
  • “A young artist and art lecturer Wei Zhijie (韦智杰). His brushwork and understanding of traditional culture are just incredible. Famous for peonies.”
Wei Zhijie Ink Blue & White Lotus

Go large! Tong Yang-tze’s calligraphy.

Scholar rocks with twistMoving Lines Inky landscapes.