Go Figure

(c) Fan Zeng

To complement the freehand figures in our July 2023 Newsletter, Peng has shared a few videos featuring contemporary figure painter Fan Zeng 范曾.

  • Some of his paintings.
  • Videos 1, 2, 3 .
  • Fan Zeng’s painting of Laozi – and a connection to Stephen Hawking!
  • Interview and a portrait of Einstein!  Plus an insight into how Rong Bao Zhai recreates paintings by woodblock printing.  They seem to have published at least one book of his work.
Sixth Patriarch by Liang Kai

Figures are often depicted in gardens – lovely ladies by characterful rocks or scholars at an elegant gathering.    On gardens:

Liang Kai (Song dynasty)  painted the Sixth Chan Patriarch Chopping Bamboo – wonderfully expressive brushwork!  Strangely, the sound of chopping bamboo is a thing on the internet, including two whole hours of it!  Different sounds of bamboo – bamboo musical instruments worldwide.

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