Improvised Objects

As well as the Four Treasures, there are many other scholar objects used in CBP – brush hangers, brush washers, water droppers, paper weights etc.  CBPS Member have improvised some of these objects.

Hilary used her ingenuity to create these brush hangers:

wooden hanger & cuphooks
Plastic hanger plus knitting needle

Angela uses a wooden chopstick as a travelling brush hanger: just wedge it under your water pot, sticking out over the edge of the table.

Brush stand, brush rest and paper weights
When Colin first started CBP he decided to create some of his own equipment. His brush hanger used off-cuts from a hand rail, kitchen roll holder, doweling and copper nails, and holds 24 brushes.  The brush rest was made from a piece of ornamental edging.  Colin also found some brass blocks which make excellent paper weights.

Some of our members are ceramicists who make scholar objects.