Looking Peaky

Zhang Daqian Pouring Ink Landscape

Mountains are a major feature of Chinese landscape, real and painted.  Some are sacred.In the Wuling mountain range in southwestern China, ancient temples and a chasm.

Tianmen Mountain National Park, Zhangjiajie, Stairway to Heaven and very winding roads.

Huashan Plank Walk – no thank you!

Snowy Laojun mountain  could inspire a painting.

Yellow Mountains

Lectures on Landscape painter Wang Hui.

Contrasting contemporary landscape painters Wan Shanhong and Zeng Sankai.

A very speculative article on the influence of Chinese landscape on Western painting.

Chinese landscapes in the  Met.  Exploring a handscroll part 1 and part 2.

Minneapolis Institute of Art has a Jade mountainPodcast about how it came to the museum.

Interesting- looking exhibition, but my German is not up to the introductory video.   Charming naif handscroll video (you may be able to turn on English captions).  Short sections in English part 1 & part 2.  Related book.