Making an Impression

Dye House at Konya-cho, Kanda, Utagawa Hiroshige, Met Museum.

There are lots of print makers influenced by Oriental Art.  Pat pointed to the work of Adrian Holmes.

Laura Boswell‘s prints use Japanese woodblock methods, including her elegant Night Gardens, Kyoto (in her Gallery).  She is filming a series of short videos all about how she creates a reduction linocut print. These videos are such a treat and a real insight into her practice. You can watch through her You Tube channelFacebook or Instagram.

Pine Feroda is a group of print makers who work collaboratively, and blogged about their visit to a Chinese print master.

Henry Li has videos on using monoprints as a basis for lotus and landscape (parts 1, 2, 3).  Definitely worth a try !  Note that he uses sized paper, or thicker mulberry paper.  Normal xuan is not ideal for this technique because it tends to tear when saturated.

Or you can try printing real objects like leaves.  Remember the Newsletter July 2019, with Colleen’s fish – an example of gyotako
This delightful animation explains the background and  methods.  Even more on the method – possibly too much!  Enthusiastic Hawaiian fish-printer.

David Bull is a printer working in Japan, who re-created the Great Wave.