Qing Bling

New exhibition at the British Museum: China’s Hidden Century, 18 May – 8 October.   Check their website before planning your visit.

As this is a very complicated and turbulent period of China’s long history, it might be helpful to read a bit first: Qing dynasty, challenges for the Qing rulers, Opium Wars, Taiping Rebellion, Boxer Uprising, Summer Palace.

(c) Metropolitan Museum of Art

The show  includes a snuff bottle with a portrait of Li Hongzhang, and this flamboyant robe, worn by Empress Cixi.

More info and artefacts from the exhibition.Two reviews: interesting and thought-provoking.

Empress Cixi had a ghost painter, who painted these peonies.

CBPS Honorary President Qu Leilei’s calligraphy book in the shop!

The Forbidden City at 600: The Secret Life of the Qianlong Emperor – one of a lecture series on the palace from the China Institute.

If you like Chinese textiles, this book could be of interest:  Chinese Textiles: An Introduction to the Study of their History, Sources, Technique, Symbolism, and Use