Spring Bouquet

Covered jar decorated with blossoming plum and cracked ice, Porcelain painted in underglaze cobalt blue (Jingdezhen ware), China
Covered jar decorated with blossoming plum and cracked ice, Metropolitan Museum

Pat J shared this modern poem on Plum Blossom.

Chinese poem about Plum Blossom.

Following up on Jing’s article, more by Wang Yishi, and a downloadable catalogue.  Click through the pages here to get a good idea of his impasto in oils.

Nature symbolism in Chinese Art.

Iris were very popular with Japanese painters, particularly gorgeous screens.

Some Song, Yuan and Ming flower and other paintings in the Bi Gong Yuan album described by Professor Janes Cahill (skip to minute 15.30 if you are less interested in his career and books).

Member Sylvia Radius has created cherry blossom (Sakura) and orchids on ceramics: “it was very unusual to paint with a bamboo pencil  on a convex shape or a hollow shape. But very nice to practice.  My friend Cecilia Vervoort made the ceramics.”

Plum blossoms, Jin Nong (Chinese, 1687–1773), Album of twelve leaves; ink on paper, China
Plum Blossoms by Jing Nong, Met Museum

Some blossoms to anticipate spring:

Why not relax with a nice cup of tea from member Ann M.

Spring comes to Emperor Qianlong’s capital