Two Perfections

The Three Perfections extolled by the Huizong Emperor are Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting.  Here are two of the Perfections exemplified by members.

Il Duomo (c) Jane Evans
CBPS Honorary President Jane Evans and her husband Martin  have published  Reflections,  which features 45 of Jane’s paintings that she has chosen as having special significance for her.  Martin has written a poem to go with each painting. Buy direct from Jane and Martin.
Il Duomo was inspired by the light coming through the cupola as you look up in the Duomo in Florence.
Member Xincai Tan write his own poems for his paintings.
National Beauty Peony
The peony roots stand with authentic and their flowers are pure shining proudly under the blue sky,
Flower-visiting tides continuously come though they want to keep their solitary fragrance in private.
Thousands of people praise their beauty when the colourful flowers are full of the site.
Few visitors will look up to their appearances underground when their fresh had withered away.
National Beauty Peony (c) Xincai Tan
Emerald Green Bamboos (c) Xincai Tan
Emerald Green Bamboos
The green bamboos in the garden are jade-like and fully scented.
Their appearances are always shining with blue brightness in all seasons.
They stand upright with honest and firm structure forever.
They dance with clouds in the sky and compose phoenix badges.