Note: these details are provided for information. The Chinese Brush Painters Society is not responsible for the quality or appropriateness of items supplied.  Orders from overseas may incur customs duty.

Oriental Arts Chinese Gift Shop

Contact: Louisa Yuen
Address: 14 Rock Street, Brighton, BN2 1NF, England.
Phone:  07803893409

Maggie Cross


Guanghwa Co. Ltd

Address: 112 Shaftsbury Ave, London, W1D 5EJ
Phone: 0207 437 3737


Mail order via website

AJ Ludlow

A small range of CBP materials, including a synthetic “wolf” brush
Phone: 01763 243554 (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Specialist books on Chinese art and culture

Mail-order Chinese books

Overseas Suppliers

Note that ordering goods from another country may incur import duty.

Chinese Seal Carving to order

Mounting Paintings

We are often asked about backing and mounting paintings.  There is some guidance on the traditional method here.  There are a few places offering this service in UK & USA.  However some of these send the painting to China for mounting, and may currently be unable to offer the service.   Note also that there may be difficulties with international posting of items containing wood.

  • Guanghwa (London) provides a Chinese painting mounting service; quotes are subject to sizes and materials.  Mr Shou is a calligrapher who teaches there and mounts as well, and is still offering this service.
  • Louisa Yuen (Oriental Arts, Brighton)
  • Chi Zhang  (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • Campbells of London offers a mounting service including silk mounting.
  • Blue Heron Arts (USA) offers scroll mounting, and does international shipping.
  • Artistic Chinese Creations (USA) offers a custom mounting service (scroll or silk border, various colours): contact them for details.  They do the mounting themselves in  California.
  • Chinese company INKSTON sells mounting materials.
Artistic Chinese Creations brocade colours