CBPS Calendar Guidance

CBPS publishes an annual calendar featuring work by our members.
We want the calendar to represent the best work of the Society, and to show the range of possibilities for Chinese Brush Painting, so the Committee looks for 2 key factors: quality and originality.
All subjects are welcome!
Any member can submit up to 3 paintings.
The deadline for submission is 31 March.

We need paintings for the twelve months of the year, plus the front and back covers.
They must fit into A4 in landscape orientation (wider than they are high).  Paintings in landscape format are best.  Fan-shaped, round and square paintings are also acceptable.
Please note that paintings in portrait format (taller than they are wide) will not be accepted for the Calendar.

To ensure a good quality of image in the calendar, we need high resolution images (at least 300 dpi, with an image size of at least 1 megabyte).  Please:

  • photograph your painting with a camera or phone capable of high-quality images.
  • it may be helpful to over-expose the image, so that any white background does not look grey.  Photographing it in a white surface may help, especially if it is not mounted.
  • make sure the image is not blurred
  • make sure your painting is not slanted, distorted or creased
  • avoid reflections from glass.
  • avoid a shadow over the image. It may be helpful to  use a slanted board to get maximum light but no shadow.

When you email your images, please ensure that they are not compressed by the process of emailing.  Unfortunately, if the image  will not print well, then we may have to reject your submission.

When submitting your paintings:

  • Tell us the title
  • If your painting has calligraphy, please tell us what it says
  • If you copy another artist’s original, or were inspired by a particular teacher, please tell us who

The paintings for the calendar are selected by the CBPS Committee.  Pictures are always put before the committee anonymously and selections are made blind, before any artist’s names are revealed.    No painter can have more than one picture in the final calendar.