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CBP Summer Schools

Claire Seaton will be at Knuston Hall (Northamptonshire) in August and October
Missenden Abbey (Bucks) has 2 CBP Summer Schools in August, with Paul Maslowski and William Cai:
Kaili Fu will  be at Dillington in August.
Maggie Cross is at Ardington live in June and October, and online in July.  Oxford Summer School has been cancelled and may run in October.
Jean Turton will demonstrate online in May:

A Bit Crafty!

Another online Origami course starting 5 May.

A History of early papermaking in Asia and the Middle East, 17 June.

Book on Chinese knots, history and list of knots including ”safe and sound knot” to wish peace and good luck all year, plus diagrams of how to weave some knots.Liziqi hand-making the Four Treasures.

Met curator on Chinese hardstone carving.

Export silks (thanks Zara & Pauline).

A very early Buddha from Gandara.

Make a  Cabinet of Curiosities.

In case you were wondering Why Japanese Tigers have Flat Heads: a splendid screen painting is based on a Chinese story.

Making Beauty – contemporary Japanese crafts:  ceramic, wooden lacquer, miniature objects, printsmetal.

Restoring a Japanese hanging scroll.

Japanese Gunpowder flask with figures in Portugese dress

Japanese gunpowder flask at the Ashmolean.

The wonderful Pitt-Rivers museum shows how to make Japanese salmon-skin boots!

Met exhibition Japan: A History of Style.

Blue and White

Ming Porcelain, British Museum

To complement your April newsletter, British Museum Curator’s Corner –  An introduction to Ming blue and white porcelain.  Some good close-ups of the designs.

If you want to splash out on your own moon vase!

Member Zara: American expert giving layman talks on ceramics.   He uses the Museum virtual tour which is very high quality, picks items to expand on with superb images and he talks about them. Takes you through most of the main ceramic wares at the National Palace Museum, Taiwan, including blue-and-white at minute 25.

Things you may not know about blue and white porcelain.

You can overdose on blue-and-white Chinese porcelain at the Dresden Porcelain Collection.

Qing Dragon Vases, Dresden


Cards hand-made by members.

Birthday card by Benita
Easter Card by Chris G
Roses by Benita
Sweet peas by Benita
Hydrangea by Benita

Karen J says: My cards have been invaluable during the pandemic, enjoyed by friends and family, and have saved money! These are made from prints of my larger paintings:

Card Creativity

Cards for the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Ox.

Cards by Colleen on her own home-made paper: water buffalo inspired by Qi Baishi, and origami valentine hearts. Water buffalo enjoying the cool water by Liz M.

Expressive water buffalo from new member Anthony:

New Year wish from teacher Maggie, and home-made envelopes from Zara:

Chris G’s card features Lao Tzu riding his ox backwards, plus amazing origami by herChinese daughter-in-law.

Cards from Hakima and Pat J. Catherine W decorated her pot-plant with Chinese knots and tassels.

Tina made some New Year cards for her grandchildren.  Firstly folded an origami ox ‘red envelope – 紅包’, (using you tube video). Put couplets (the calligraphy was written on cut up, used red envelope) in the pocket of the ox, with double sided tape on the back. The idea is for the recipient to ‘hang’ them either side of the door. The house was made from magazine cuttings!  福, fu, fortune, is traditionally written upside-down.